A0 poster with metal stand mockup

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Poster Mockup

  • Realistic mock-up
  • Easy to use
  • High resolution: 4500x3000 px
  • Poster size: 1500x2121 px (A0 / A1 / B0 / B1 / aspect ratio)
  • Can be used for both dark and light designs
  • Perfect for art, posters, and advertising presentations

Unleash the full potential of your creative vision with our high-quality Poster Mockup. This versatile and multifaceted tool has been meticulously crafted to showcase your unique designs in the most flattering light possible. Boasting high-resolution imaging capabilities, it captures every minute detail of your design, ensuring that your work is displayed with stunning clarity and precision that truly brings your vision to life.

The Poster Mockup is designed with versatility in mind, offering compatibility with both light and dark themes. This feature provides a broad and diverse canvas for your creative expression, allowing you the freedom to explore a multitude of design aesthetics and color schemes. Whether you prefer the stark contrast of a dark theme or the bright and airy feel of a light theme, our Mockup ensures that your designs will shine.

In addition to its impressive visual capabilities, the Poster Mockup also offers adjustable poster sizes. These adjustable dimensions accommodate a wide range of design sizes and shapes, allowing you to tailor the Mockup to perfectly fit your specific design requirements. Whether your design is small and intricate or large and bold, our Mockup ensures a perfect fit every time, making it an indispensable tool for all your design needs.

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A0 Poster Mockup Set

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1 PSD file and PDF manual

Minimum Adobe Photoshop version
75.4 MB
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A0 poster with metal stand mockup

0 ratings
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